Research lines

The overall goal of this research program is to provide integrated analyses of different organizational levels of genetic brain disease models: genomics, proteomics, pharmacology, physiology, pathology and behavior.

We will accomplish this goal by providing new medium- and high-throughput phenotypic analysis techniques in parallel with novel genetic mouse models for neurological (line 1) and psychiatprogresric (line 2) disorders.

High throughput phenotypic analysis will make extensive use of our home-cage based screening technology and will incorporate multivariate statistics to identify drug- and disease specific behavioral signatures.

This approach will be extended by high-content molecular and cellular assays, and electrophysiological and systems phenotyping. New genetic rodent models for the pathophysiological conditions of neurological and psychiatric disorders will be developed that cover a wide spectrum of phenotypic repertoires, enabling the preclinical testing and optimization of new compounds for neurological and psychiatric disorders in a much more comprehensive fashion than was previously possible.

Schematic flow of major activities within NeuroBasic-PharmaPhenomics consortium.