Industrial partners


The NeuroBasic-PharmaPhenomics consortium consists of 11 academic partners and 6 companies. Most of the members were involved in the previous NeuroBSIK-MousePhenomics project.
Below a brief introduction of the industrial partners.

1. Griffin Discoveries BV (director Prof. Dr. Rob Leurs) is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the synthesis of CNS receptor ligands. Through their medicinal chemistry expertise they can develop compounds for drug targets that emerge from the NeuroBasic-PharmaPhenomics research.

2. Sylics (general manager Drs. Annemieke Steenbergen) offers solutions in mouse-genomics and -phenomics, drugs screening and complex data analysis. Sylics operates the 800 m2 MouseHouse facility in Amsterdam, which is essential for running the new NeuroBasic-PharmaPhenomics project.

3. Delta Phenomics BV (director Prof. Dr. Berry Spruijt) is a new contract research organization in the field of animal behavior. Their contribution will be the development and pharmacological validation of new behavioral test paradigms in rat models of depression and other psychiatric disorders, with a special emphasis on the analysis of social behavior.

4. Noldus Information Technology BV (director Dr. Lucas Noldus) has been developing software and instrumentation for research on human or animal behavior since 1989.

This company developed the PhenoTyper for NeuroBSIK (together with the other members). Noldus will develop novel software tools for the analysis of HTP screening data so as to elucidate the relationships between drug profiles and behavioral phenotypes. Noldus will also extend the PhenoTyper system with advanced measurement technology to automate novel behavioral test paradigms.

5. Psynova Neurotech Ltd (director Dr. Sabine Bahn) is a UK based company developing novel biomarkers to aid the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric illnesses. In 2008 Psynova entered into a partnership with Rules-Based Medicine, Inc. (RBM), the leading multiplexed biomarker testing laboratory, to codevelop and commercialize blood tests for the diagnosis and therapeutic evaluation of neuropsychiatric disorders.

6. Neurasmus BV is the Erasmus Neuroscience Company (a spinoff of the department of prof. Chris de Zeeuw) which offers and develops various products and service for the Erasmus MC, including the Erasmusladder, MDMT (for eyemovement measurements), the NeurasBus and SpikeTrain. For further contact: Bas Koekkoek.