New consortium

A multidisciplinary cluster with an unprecedented level of cooperation and ambition is ready to start and to move a selection of their most promising projects into the next phase of the pipeline.

New hardware and software products will be developed and commercialized (e.g. the PhenoTyper product line, Erasmus Ladder, CatWalk, new releases of EthoVision). With a focus on drug discovery in the NeuroBasic-PharmaPhenomics project, Noldus Information Technology, Sylics and Delta-Phenomics foresee a breakthrough of the PhenoTyper technology in the pharmaceutical industry in that we expect the members of the top 20 of ‘big pharma’ to have adopted this technology by the end of the project (up from 4 companies at present). Penetration of the international academic research market is expected to grow from approximately 50 laboratories today to 100-200 by the end of the project. Novel research instruments like the Erasmus Ladder and CatWalk will also become available to the global research community. Furthermore, the focus on HTP data analysis and statistics in the proposed project will result in new software packages that will be released onto the market. In addition, a variety of new scientific and technical know-how will be developed and applied in other R&D programs (e.g. in the field of computer vision and multivariate statistics). Direct diagnosis & drug development tools will be provided and patented by Psynova Ltd and Griffin Discoveries BV. The NB-PP project as a whole can thus have a significant multiplier effect.

Gaps are filled

In the current plan we have adjusted our strategy into three directions, and included new academic:

1. We have adapted our research lines to facilitate pharmaceutical screening opening up avenues in the drug discovery arena and allowing new alliances with CNS sections of TI-Pharma (coordinated by Prof. Dr. R. Adan) such as projects on Parkinson Disease and Alzheimer Disease, ALS, NCFC and Hamartoma syndromes, channelopathies, Fragile-X, addiction and depression;
2. We invest in complex data analyses by including a Pheno-informatics project, which is joined by Prof. Dr. C. ter Braak, an expert in genomics and statistical methods including multivariate statistics;
3. We incorporate more expertise in translational research by including a neuropharmacologist (Prof. Dr. B. Olivier) and a psychiatrist (Prof. Dr. Steven Kushner), who both have extensive and complementary expertise in translating basic science into medical applications.

Three new companies are added to the consortium, i.e. Griffin Discoveries BV, Psynova Neurotech Ltd., and Delta Phenomics BV to further facilitate these new research directions. Griffin Discoveries BV will identify new pharmaceutical compounds using a revolutionary intelligent approach, Psynova Neurotech Ltd. will provide the development of biomarkers for CNS diseases, and Delta Phenomics BV will employ the new Noldus PhenoTyper to screen for the application and efficiency of CNS drugs in rats.