NeuroBasic is part of the Drugs cluster. The Drugs cluster offers the platform for the integrated approach necessary for the development of effective and safe new drugs to increase health. These activities are carried out with a simultaneous focus on economic benefits, to ensure wealth for the Dutch economy: jobs, (foreign) investments, and increased entrepreneurial activity.

The Drugs cluster will deliver partnership, patents, publications and projects moving into clinical development. In addition the Drugs cluster will create a new generation of research professionals and further international expansion.The Drugs cluster builds on the strong take off of TI Pharma and consolidates and aligns scattered initiatives, including selective continuity for research in three successful BSIK consortia: ‘Neuro-BSIK’, ‘Virgo’ and ‘CDC’. The chosen research lines were selected on excellence and their fit with the Drugs cluster focus (guided by the WHO Priority Medicines report).

The Drugs cluster consists of four research lines and three strategic actions for the project portfolio development of TI Pharma:

1. NeuroBasic-PharmaPhenomics (line 1): Developing drug discovery strategies in the field of neurology

2. NeuroBasic-PharmaPhenomics (line 2): Developing drug discovery strategies in the field of psychiatry

3. Viral infections: discovering new viruses, building on our knowledge of molecular prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic markers in viral infections, and unravelling the underlying mechanisms of mutual host-virus interactions, with the overall purpose of developing better (more timely and effective) interventions for acute and chronic viral infections.