The NeuroBasic-PharmaPhenomics (NB-PP) project builds on the achievements of the NeuroBSIK-MousePhenomics consortium.

The NeuroBSIK-MousePhenomics consortium established a high throughput screening, unique in the world, to identify novel genes that contribute to behavioral abnormalities in mice. This activity resulted in the generation of novel mouse models and links to human brain disorders, which have already been pursued successfully. A spin-off company was launched from within the consortium to carry out the behavioral screen (see www.sylics.com for a video impression). The Mouse Phenomics consortium gathered unique insights in the architecture of mammalian behavior following systematic quantitative analyses of genotype-phenotype correlations.

A large scale screening facility has been established and a validated new PhenoTyper has been created for automated home-cage analysis at a high throughput level. Moreover, specific procedures for phenotyping specific neurological and psychiatric dysfunctionshave been developed and used to screen at medium to high throughput for various brain diseases. Automated cellomics approaches have been established that allow the rapid screening of compounds and gene products on neuronal morphology and development.

A large battery of electrophysiologal and functional-imaging approaches enable the effective assessment of dysfunctions of the neuronal circuitry and novel behavioral paradigms including the Erasmus Ladder aimed at expediently identifying highly specific behavioral deficits are available.

State of the art proteomics approaches have been set up for the unbiased identification of altered signaling pathways in neuronal and psychiatric disorders, which is invaluable for novel compound selection and testing.

Altogether this unprecedented combination of medium- to high throughput phenotyping approaches developed by the former NeuroBSIKMousePhenomics consortium provides us with the means to execute integrative assessments of neurological and psychiatric dysfunctions.

So now the time has come to take advantage of these unique technologies of NeuroBSIK and to revolutionize the field of pharmaceutical discovery and application in a new consortium: NeuroBasic.